Oct 12th 2018


Hey Loves!!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about some of our upcoming products for those that were interested!

Im super excited to be able to grow my business and make more products that of coarse will all be vegan, cruelty free, preservative free, organic and synthetic fragrance free!!

So the first product will be a whipped body butter! This super dreamy and hydrating whipped body butter is filled with only 100% natural oils (no nasty’s) that will moisturize, protect and hydrate your skin leaving you smelling like a sweet desert. It melts instantly into your skin leaving you feeling smooth, soft and hydrated!

I wanted this whipped body butter to be light and airy still but feel super luxurious, I literally use this product every day and its really one of those products that I look forward to using! (honestly actually I look forward to using all of these products haha).

The next Product is a Clay Face Mask. This Clay Mask is created with a custom blend of clays and botanical extracts that will leave your skin feeling smooth, cleansed and glowing. This mask gently exfoliates your skin, helps clear out blocked pores and is filled with beneficial vitamins and nutrients for the skin. Another amazing thing about this mask is that its Created for all skin types! I use this product at least twice a week and it really helps to keep my pores unclogged and pull out any impurities that I might get throughout the week. My face always feels soooooo smooth after using it and that has to be one of my favorite parts about this product! Ive seen such a change in my acne once I included this into my skin care routine that I can’t wait to hear your results as well!

Last but not least I will be launching 3 different BODY SCRUBS! The three scrubs I’ll be launching will have scents of sweet mint, orange & clove and coconut & Lemon. These scrubs all contain Pink Himalayan Salt combined with natures beneficial oils that will leave your skin soft, smooth and rejuvenated as well as moisturized and hydrated. These scrubs are the perfect way to end your shower after you have cleansed your body, oh and don’t forget to take a minute to enjoy the aromatic benefits as all of our ingredients are all natural and are synthetic fragrance free.

I’m so excited to be launching these new products, it has really been a dream of mine to create all natural skin and hair care products that are truly 100% natural, and I’m so excited that I can create what I’ve always envisioned without having to compromise and use preservatives.

Would you guys like to see a video once these products are launched on how I use them specifically and talk more about their benefits? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for supporting me and my business!

See ya next time, byeee!