Hello! My name is Michelle and I’m the creator/ CEO of Tropicgyal Naturals! All of our products are formulated with the best of the best organic ingredients so you can truly LOVE your results, love YOURSELF in the present moment and enjoy the experience using our products with OUT the use of harsh toxic chemicals. 



In high school I suffered from severe acne after making the decision to stop birth control and stop using chemical filled face products. Determined to find a healthy alternative, I did TONS of research and learned about the benefits that specific natural ingredients can have on the body. I was able to heal my acne and ever since then, I have relied on specific natural ingredients for my skin and hair care.



                About 5 years after making those choices and healing my skin, I had my first daughter with my husband. With both of us working as GM'S at 2 separate Chipotle locations, there would be no way we could only be the ones watching her. We decided thankfully that we could afford that I would stay home with her. My husband was actually the one who gave me the idea on starting the dream I always had, of starting my business. 6 months after she was born, I launched Tropicgyal Naturals. 3 years later because of YOU I am still able to be with my baby girl, and now baby boy. ALSO, Leo, my husband now is able to work FULL TIME at Tropicgyal Naturals our dream come true.



 Our Products:



                All of our products are vegan and Leaping bunny certified! They contain organic ingredients, synthetic fragrance free, and are Preservative Free. To ensure quality, we hand make each product in small batches. We also ethically source the best quality ingredients from cold pressed carrier oils, essential oils, and botanical herbs.